Sunday, October 23, 2016

Glad to be done with this job

Baseboard heater installed in the bathrrom
Day 24 (10/15/16)
I am not going to lie. I am very glad to have finished insulating the crawlspace. I had hoped to get it done last weekend and install the base board heaters but nothing ever goes quite as planed and I ended up having to finish it today. Three weekends of working in a small dark area can make a person wonder how they got involved in this project. Last weekend I did manage to get the walls finished and the heaters installed. As I have said before electricity is not my favorite avocation and I am always surprised when things actually work. I had watched a YouTube video on how to install the baseboards but when I got to the hall mine were totally different. After reading and double checking everything several times I flipped the breakers and they worked. I still had to insulate the last wall. I have been very careful to make everything as airtight as possible so I can keep my energy cost down. I hope it is worth it in the end but for now I think everything is set and all I have left to do is install a remote thermometer sending unit so I can monitor the temperatures in the crawlspace and bathroom. Perhaps next weekend I can do something more fun.
Preparing the  Baseboard Heater for the crawlspace

Preparing the crawlspace 

The Heater in Place

Finishing the Insulation

Almost Finished

All finished except some trim

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