Sunday, October 2, 2016

Winter is coming

Aah, Lets See
Day 23 (10/2/16)

Last weekend I started building the wall in the crawl space under the hall to insulate and keep the waterlines from freezing up. This weekend I continued with the project in spite of the rain. It was the type of rain that never came hard but it never really stopped either. At any rate it made everything very muddy. I managed to get the front wall finished which I knew was going to be a chore since it included a bump out to house the sewer line. Since the waterline runs right up along the outside wall I went to great lengths to make sure it had plenty of insulation. Including the stucco covered foam insulation on the outside; I put another layer of R19 insulation on the inside. One of the problems however is the concrete pillars that support the building. Since they are in no way square they pose a lot of interesting circumstances. I hope a lot of insulation stuffed into cracks does the trick. I had hoped to finish it all up this weekend but realistically probably have another weekends worth of work to do to get it finished and install the baseboard heaters. At his point I am pretty confident that the space should stay warm without too much energy use. While I was tucked away under the building Eileen started painting the dark blue ceiling. I think it is going to look really nice when it gets finished. It does make the hall appear lower and wider, I think. She also continued painting benches and we now have all the primary colors covered. I have to get this sewed up so I can start getting my fall work done at home.

Starting the ceiling

That should work

There is no end to painting

Or digging

More painting

and digging

The front finished except for trim

Now for some Yoga

Yellow Bench

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