Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Hey, look at me
Day 22 (9/19/16)

It has been awhile since I have been under the hall and now I remember why. As I mentioned last week the one big project left before winter is to build walls in the crawl space under the bathroom and insulate them so the water pipes don’t freeze. This weekend I started working on them as planned. The first wall and a half went pretty straight forward except for having to do everything within a two foot crawl space. It was when I got to the third section that things started going south. I had made the walls to exact tolerances and when I came to installing it I couldn’t wedge it into place. After several attempts we decided to call it a day and start fresh this morning. We had to run some errands and got to the hall at about eleven. Nate and Wade stopped by so we spent some time goofing around but did manage to get the fireproof filing cabinets moved to the studio space with Nate’s help. Wade got a big kick out of climbing under the building with Grandpa. After they left I managed to get my wall into place. I then started on the front but an impending storm stopped us from getting it finished. While I was under the building Eileen has been finishing the interior. It is finally starting to look like a gallery. There is plenty left to do but it is gradually getting closer. Hopefully next week I can get the crawl space finished.

My first wall and I am still clean

Look Mom, No Walls

Eileen working on blue bench

First wall getting hoisted into position

More Blue


Trip to the Loft

Look I can see Russia from here.

Just Wow

This is why Wade likes the "Belgium House"


Red Bench

Halfway done

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