Monday, September 19, 2016

More Windows

One done
Day 21 (9/18/16)
A retired teacher friend, Ron, has been doing a lot of subbing at school lately. It has been a very timely occurrence since he is doing a remodel of his own. He and his wife Joanne bought a old saltbox farm house out in the country and started remodeling two years ago. When I look at what they have had to do, my project seems small. Their plan is to remodel, enjoy country living for a couple of years and then flip it. Like so many things of this type it is nice to know somebody going through the same things. We laugh about the nights that we lay awake prebuilding some big project that lies before us. We both know what it is like coming home with our brains pounding from trying to wrap it around the latest dilemma. And yes, we have both questioned our sanity a time or two. Finally we both have shared the knowledge that our spouses have been there beside us sharing the head and back aches.

 With the end of summer near Eileen and I have had a couple of major projects we still wanted to get done. One was to finish the exteriors of the windows. Again the problem was how to increase the insulation value without spending too much money and compromising the look. I had noticed on the Het Museum in Cedar Grove they had put fake shudders over the windows. I used the same technique with the inclusion of more polycarbonate on to top for light. Only time will tell how it will work but we now have three layers where before we only had one. As of now we have the windows mostly done except for some paint and trim. That leaves us with one big project left for the fall which is skirting and insulating the crawlspace under the restroom. I can’t say how many nights I have lain awake building this wall. With any luck I will get a start on that this weekend and considering how many times I have already done it maybe it will go easy on me, LOL.

What would a Art gallery be without Art

Getting a hand from Wade

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