Saturday, August 4, 2012

American Gothic

Start of "American Gothic"

Day 21 (8/4/12)
Perhaps I should have known better, after all it is Saturday, but the bike trail was buzzing with activity. I kind of had an idea in mind though and was on a mission. On my way out I hooked up with a guy about my age and we just talked about the current political situation and although I suspect he was on the opposite side of the continuum we agreed that something had to be done to bridge the gap and bring people back together. I rode with him as far as Oostburg where he was going to meet some buddies for breakfast. On my way back home I got a few opportunities to build, although once I had to ride off when I saw somebody up the trail. Fortunately the builds I was working on are situated by a road crossing and I can just ride down the side road to avoid detection. As I have said before stealth isn’t as important as the early years but I still like to keep it on the down low. I was excited about getting out building. On my last trip I had built a female abstract. On my way home I had decided I wanted to try to expand on the theme and develop a sort of abstract “American Gothic” feeling piece. I knew it would be kind of a work in progress but I wanted to at least set the foundation. I would have liked to have done more than I did but the trail was just too busy. When I got finished, as I  photographing an older work a pickup stopped and the guy inquired if I was photographing the art work to which I replied; “Yes, yes I was”. He then went on how some of those kids get pretty creative and he just didn’t like it when they built in his fields. I would like to have assured him that these kids would definitely never build in his fields but left it at yes kids will be kids and rode off into the sunset.
Bad Garbage

Good Garbage

I was happy to see that my Queen Anne's Lace tie was still surviving.

Straight Up

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  1. You just about got caught! Or maybe he knew all along that you were the culprit. I'm sure that just adds to the fun. This is just a side not but there are a lot of people out there who are interested in building and stacked rocks. I keep getting hits on my stacked rocks post. It has more than any other post I've ever done.