Monday, August 13, 2012

Work Zone

Day 23 (8/13/12)
It was cool, drizzly, Monday morning so I thought I would have the bike trail entirely to myself, boy was I wrong. Apparently cool, damp days are great for biking because everybody was out in force. Eileen and I had gone out Friday night to assess the damage of several days of heavy winds and rain. As we had expected many were down. The only two that escaped damage altogether were “Tripod” and “Dangler” who somebody recently referred to as “the fisherman sculpture”, which works as well. I just liked the idea that somebody had seen it and it inspired an image. Just as I was pulling up to the “American Gothic” site some guys in a truck stopped and put up a work zone sign and I thought that was going to be the end of my doing any building there today but as I rode on I saw them drive away. So when they were out of view I snuck back and at least did some rudimentary repairs. I will have to get back there when I have more time and flesh it in a little. I decided to head back and rebuild the “Giacometti” build on the way home. Again I would like to do a little more with it but at least it is standing. “Down by the Corner” had gone down and I thought I would try to work on it a little before I went home. This has the potential to be a really cool piece since it is one of the few sites that still has three almost intact railroad ties. The problem is that there are three almost intact railroad ties and only one me. After struggling for a while only to have everything fall over. and me with it, I decided that sometimes you just have to live to fight another day. On the way home I saw were there was a rock in a tree either done by others or left over from a past build but at any rate I decided it needed company so I spent a little time doing a stacker. When I was almost to town I saw a doe and two fawns. Day complete.



Tree Build


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