Monday, August 6, 2012

The Perfect Pitchfork

Prairie Build with Shack 

Day 22 (8/6/12)
Some Days are meant for building. Today was definitely not one of those days. It was a beautiful day and probably because of that everybody was out on the trail. I really only had one real goal and that was to find the perfect pitchfork for my couple. I saw a couple areas where I might have tried to build but whenever I would look there was always either somebody coming from ahead or behind. Finally, after I turned around at Oostburg, it seemed like maybe it was going to be quieter so I stopped at the area I call the prairie site. There is an old shack on the other side of the tracks so I decided I would guise myself as a photographer taking pictures of the shack while I scavenged for materials. I didn’t end up with a lot of materials but I did get some pretty cool pictures of the shack. Throughout the trip I was always keeping a look out for the perfect pitchfork for my “American Gothic” build. I found one that will do for the time being but will still keep my eyes open for a better one. I would still like to do some more work on that site but as I said before, it wasn’t going to happen today.
The Shack

First Look at the Interior

Not much Left

Indoor Plumbing

Complete with Swallows Nest

They now have a PitchFork

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  1. Yes, I have many moons in my book! I will send you a copy when I receive them. I still love my carins necklace.