Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Women with Hat

Women with Hat

Day 20 (7/31/12)
Eileen worked late today so I got out later then yesterday. I was expecting the trail to be teaming with people but much to my surprise it was really quite quiet. It had rained during the night and there had been some wind so as I suspected some things would need repair. Both “Totem” and “Giacometti” needed some work. I thought about changing the name of the “Giacometti” build to “After the Rain”. I liked the surrealistic ring to it. I had it in mind to head out to one of the builds that my friend Chris had made. I had noticed on our trip out the other night that it was in bad need of a rebuild. At first, I tried to follow Chris’s oeuvre but found it to damaged to really be able to do it justice. I just decided to go with the flow. About half way through I started to notice that it had sort of a feminine quality so I decided to run with it. As I was wrapping the torso with rusty old barb wire and sheep wire, I was thinking that I really should put disclaimers on these; DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME WE ARE TRAINED PROFFESIONALS or at least get a tetanus shot. After I finished “Women with a Hat” I redid another one as a Male. I have already decided I want to make some changes though. It was starting to get late and I had things to get done at home so I headed back to town.
Male with Hat

The Lovely Couple

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