Monday, June 21, 2010

“Very Interesting, but not funny”

Day 11 (6/21/10)

“Very Interesting, but not funny” the immortal words of Artie Johnson come to mind when describing this morning’s ride/walk. I had taken almost a week off after doing something to my back last Tuesday in the Weight Room. I had been doing curls when all of a sudden a sharp pain coursed through my lower back. It is getting better though so I headed out. Most things were still up but to my surprise “Tripod” was knocked over. Even though it is not the original, which was taken in the “Great Purging” by the railroad last summer, it had existed through the winter and spring. It is “interesting” that it was down shortly after I had made some modifications. Things didn’t get real “interesting” until I had made it to Oostburg. I had just turned around when I spotted a baby Bunny. I decided to stop and photograph it. As soon as I was about to leave I heard a loud hissing noise which turned out to be my tire going flat. There I was about five miles from home with a flat front tire. I started walking it and realized that at four mph it was still going to take over an hour to get home. I tried jogging but with a bike next to me that was very cumbersome. I didn’t want to ride the bike with the flat and ruin the rim but I also didn’t want to ruin my day walking the bike home. Finally, I decided to remove my pack from the back rack and sit on that. That took most of the weight off the front wheel. It probably looked goofy as hell but I was able to limp home a lot faster than walking. To be honest, whenever I met somebody coming down the trail I slipped off the backend and walked it. Did I mention my sore back? This position, folded over the seat, made that kind of “interesting”. But all in all improvising is what adventure is all about and although it wasn’t the most fun I ever had on a bike ride it was definitely one of the more “interesting”.

New Grotto Build
There is a bunny, Really!

Only flat on the Bottom.

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