Monday, June 14, 2010

A Dangler for Tripod

Day 8 (6/12/10)
Eileen and I went for a quick ride. It is Saturday so the trail is busy. We wanted to get out and enjoy my first day off from school for summer. Soon after getting on the trail we were startled by a little snake. When Eileen rode to close to the snake it jumped at her tire. It was funny because in spite of its size it made both us jump. I decided “Tripod Build” really needs to have its dangler replaced. I kept my eyes open for some wire or something that I could use to tie some stones under it. Further up the trail I came across some old wire that would do the trick. I tried to do some work on it but there was just too much traffic. I will have to save it for Monday. The wild roses are in full bloom and the trail is looking quite striking.

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