Saturday, June 26, 2010

View with a Teepee

Day 12 (6/23/10)
No camping trip to Mauthe Lake would be complete without a little cairn building. To be honest this particular trip dealt more with kayaking and you can read more about that at:  I had forgotten to bring my camera so Eileen provided all the pictures. We had chosen to stay in Mauthe’s Residence Teepee because of the forecast of storms. We figured two layers of cloth between us and a storm would be better than our little two person tent. As it turned out we had a little rain but it never did storm. When we first arrived we headed out on the bike trail. We had to be careful to not go too far since I had just popped my tire and although I had replaced the tube I was still running on old tires. The last thing I wanted to do was get way out on the trail and have a flat tire. It was also a very hot day and we have run across other people who have complained of horseflies. As long as you kept moving they weren’t too bad but once you stopped or even slowed they were all over you. Around home it is mosquitoes. I did manage to rebuild one cairn that I had built last year. All the stones were still there. We really thought we would come back to build more but there is only so much time and it ran out. We determined that when we came back in July we would spend more time building. I built one more cairn at the Teepee. It was hard to find stones but we found enough to make one last build.

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