Sunday, February 5, 2017

Shootout at the Hall

Rocket Balloons
Day 30 (2/5/17)

As winter limps along I thought I would do a quick update on the hall. We have been slowly finishing the painting. Except for some touchups most of the gallery area is finished. The last month we have been working on the studio space. We are trying to keep it as bright and airy as possible since it is a rather small low space. It has been going slowly because we have to deal with the cold. There has been time for fun however. One Sunday Wade and his parents showed up at the hall with their Nerf guns or what Wade calls “beu guns” and an epic shootout ensued. We had also purchased some balloon rockets and between the two we had a blast. We are looking forward to more battles between shows. Today we started spattering the floor in the studio. It will take awhile because of drying time which is even longer because of the cold weather but once it is done we can start setting up the studio. We also put most of the steel bars back up on the windows. We plan on using them as a hanging system to reduce the amount of nails that have to be hammered into the paneling. With each task we finish we get a little closer to being able to start showing art. 
The battle ensues

Wade heads for high ground
The Battle

Painting the studio


Jackson at work

Putting up the bars

Two down, five to go

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