Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Top of the Hill Project (Part 1)

Brinno TLC 200 Pro with Case
Day 2 (6/13/17)
Several years ago I came up with the idea of making time lapse videos to illustrate what I was trying to achieve with my art. The idea was to set up a camera facing north and capture the changes in color and shadow as the sun moved across the sky. The problem was that when I first conceived the idea to do a twenty four hour time lapse required expensive equipment and a lot of video editing know-how. I had neither. Then in 2014 I found the solution in the “Brinno TLC 200 Pro”. It was a self contained time lapse camera with HD quality, about the size of a regular camera and was capable of at least twenty four hour recording. I haven’t as yet tested its limits but with new batteries and a once every ten seconds exposure I am able to get an easy forty-eight hours. It also has an available protective case which allows recording in severe weather and a certain amount of freedom from watching it. The TLC 200 may not fit the needs of a professional videographer but was perfect for my project. The next question was just where to set up the camera. Any public location would require almost constant monitoring to make sure the camera wasn’t disturbed or stolen. I finally decided that “the top of the hill” on the farm I grew up on would be the perfect place. It was always a magical place growing up and holds many fond memories. It also has four distinct directional views so I decided to do one time lapse video from each direction and a paper piece to go with it. Since the farm is five to six hours away availability did pose a bit of a problem. Over the last three years whenever I got over there I would set up the camera. Finally, I got four directional videos that were usable and a bunch more that were just fun. Perhaps someday I will make a compilation video of those.
Brinno TLC 200 Pro

The Top of the Hill

First set up

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