Tuesday, December 27, 2016

After the Snow

First Snow
Day 29 (12/26/16)

With the snow and cold weather things have slowed down at the hall. Two weeks ago we had braved the cold and started putting up the voting booths into the loft. They are going to be used as shelves to store artwork. Last weekend it was so cold that we knew the heat pump wouldn’t have a chance warming up the entire space from below zero so we didn’t even try. Last Monday morning I had a bit of a scare when I found out that the power had been out in Belgium. I immediately raced over to the hall and found that the breakers had tripped when the power came back on. The good news is that after almost twelve hours without power the crawlspace and bathroom were both within tolerable limits. I am supposed to get an alert from Weenrgies but didn’t get anything until about ten the next day apologizing for any inconvenience. Monday night I went back over and checked again and everything was working fine. Today I had the day off and it was forty degrees so I decided to go over and finish the voting booths and do some painting. I was the first time it had been warm enough to paint all month. I managed to finish the loft area and put a last coat on the west wall. I was impressed with how quickly the heat pump warmed the space when it wasn’t approaching zero. I found I was really excited about going over and doing some work. Sometimes a guy just has to pound some nails.   
Warming up 

Sizing thing up

The Install

Ready to be trimmed out

Cold day at the Hall

This is inside

Finished Loft

From the Loft

Getting closer to opening

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