Thursday, June 18, 2009

1st Day of Summer Vacation

Day 13 (6/18/09)
It is the first day off from school so of course I had to get out on to the trail. It was overcast so not many people were out. Once again many of the sculptures had been knocked down. I have decided that except for a few of my favorites I am going to concentrate on building new instead of rebuilding. I may use existing sites and materials but try to put them together in a new way. That way, at least I feel like I am creating something new. I was happy with the builds I made today especially a new one I am calling “Totem Build”. It has a nice vertical character. I also tried to make one in sort of a church form. I thought it may appease my more zealous critics. I have also been considering putting my little brochures, explaining the project, out in hopes that it might fend off some of the destruction or at least stimulate some dialogue. I went back and looked for the Sora Rail but couldn’t find it. There was a very attractive Iris there however and some angry Redwing Blackbirds. Today was the first time that I had been attacked by an angry bird. I had just finished working on a build and had retuned to the trail when all of a sudden I heard and felt a near miss as a blackbird attacked from above. It must have a nest near by. The Wild Roses are also starting to bloom and it is really starting to look like summer.

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