Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fort Build

Day 9
It probably goes with out saying at this point that everything was down. Hopefully, after school is done things will settle down. I have never had a problem with the tie builds on the north side before. Perhaps I will have to try going south for awhile. It is amazing how fast everything is growing up. It seems way ahead of last year considering that I didn’t even start until after school was out. Maybe the tall grass will save some of them. I didn’t get out until after dinner so it was getting pretty late but I managed to build a new tie build. I had actually been thinking about it for quite awhile. I call it “Fort build”. I have often contemplated how much what I do is like children building forts so I took it to its logical conclusion. I put it across from an old couple’s house thinking maybe they will keep it safe. For all I know they could be the ones knocking them down but I doubt it. They seem very nice. It isn’t really finished but it was starting to get dark and I wanted to set up a couple of others before I went home.

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  1. I was wondering if maybe it was that railroad company that is doing a bunch of the knocking down. They have been very active here on the North side as you put it and have dropped off all new ties. I saw that they were also piling old materials up for pick up. I hope that they leave the tie builds when they start their work. I have become quite attached to most of them.