Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 7

Day 7 (5/17/09)
In fear of sounding like a broken record, everything was down again. Somebody had gone to a great deal of trouble to eliminate every sculpture between Cedar Grove and Oostburg. I hope they got wet feet. I even had to put “Dangler” back up before I could put Andrea’s note back. I am glad Eileen hadn’t gone along. The sight of devastation bothers her more then me, not take I enjoy it. At first it is always kind of depressing when you see things knocked over. I hadn’t really expected, when I started building a year ago’ that they would get destroyed so often. I knew wind and weather and even the vibration from trains would tip over some of the rock towers but I hadn’t really counted on so much human destruction. This year there seems to be more complete destruction where they have gone the entire length of the trail ruining everything they come across. A sensible person would probably have quit a long time ago but I have never been accused of being sensible. There is a certain catharsis to rebuilding and once you have replaced one the rest go easier. As I have said before, I can’t let the bastards win.
I got some pictures of Trilliums tonight. I have decided that one of my goals for the summer is to photograph and identify the seasonal flowers and berries. On that note, I found out that the yellow flowers in my last entry were Cow Slips. I saw my first Cedar Wax Wings tonight. We might have seen some one other time but didn’t get a good look at them. We always laugh at how the birds keep flying down the trail in front of us. It never seems to occur to them to fly back around us until they have flown way out of their way.


  1. Do you use any tools? Why do you not build if people are looking?

    Cool project, thanks for sharing it!

  2. haha, This really kinda reminds me of the fraggle-doozer relationship. Which as far as my saturday morning philosophy goes is one of the more interesting concepts. one consumes and destroys while the other is constantly rebuilding. Iq uite in enjoy these as well