Saturday, December 27, 2014

Twas the Day after Christmas...

A couple of rebuilds
Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house… The reason nothing is stirring is because it is forty-eight degrees and the sun is shining so we are out on the bike trail. In all honesty we are dog sitting our son’s dogs but more than likely they have sneaked up onto the bed and are getting a bit of shuteye. Perhaps because it was Friday the bike trail was mostly empty. I was actually a little surprised. We were happy to see that most of what we had built on the fourteenth was still standing. It was quite wet and sloppy so I am guessing that anything that was down was because of thawing. My hope is now that when it freezes things will stay up until spring. It was a great day for building so both Eileen and I got a chance to set some up and with the looks of the forecast it may be a while before we get another chance.
Eileen working on a Build

One still up from the 14th

A little Cairn

Some of Eileen's Photo handiwork

More of Eileen's handiwork

Tin-man Rebuild

Island Cairn

Culvert Build

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