Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fifty degrees in December

Day 28 (12/14/14)
A question of Balance rebuild

December 14th and fifty degrees, it doesn’t get much better than that in Wisconsin unless you like snow and are looking forward to winter. I like winter well enough but I don’t mind having another day to hit the bike trail. Wade was still under the weather so again Eileen and I had to set out on our own. We decided that timing is everything because even though there didn’t seem to be that many people on the trail they seemed to pop up whenever we were going to do a build. We could just build any way but it just wouldn’t be guerilla art if we didn’t try to be mysterious. We did manage to do some building however and who cares it is fifty degrees in December. Eileen did a couple more tree builds and I did a couple of rebuilds. 

First Build of the day


Eileen working on her first tree build


I found Ironman a wife

Another Tree build

And another

Last build of the day


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