Friday, May 18, 2012

Down by the Corner (Redux)

Sorry about posting this a second time but I accidently deleted it the other night and wasn't able to get it back without re-posting. 
Day 13 (4/22/12)
After yesterdays celebration of Earth Day with the students it was time today to celebrate another beautiful day by hitting the bike trail. Our friend Chris had driven over from Madison to help with the Litter Pickup and Papermaking. Although no stranger to found object sculpture, having achieved his MFA in sculpture, it was Chris’s first trip to the bike trail. He had wanted to do it for a long time so with a lot of excited anticipation we were off to the trail. We had already decided to forgo stealth for the day and just build. Since our last trip to the trail somebody had come through and picked up all the telephone poles they had cut down over the winter. In doing so they also knocked down any existing sculptures. Even “Tripod” had been destroyed. They had even taken the wire that I had used to hold it together. In a way it was good because it gave us a chance at a fresh start. We started off slow. I let Chris do most of the planning so he could take ownership of the day. He took to it like a duck to water. We ended up collaborating on a couple of builds and doing some on our own while Eileen took the role of photographer. We packed a lot into our time out. As always thought it was not just about the builds, soon after starting, we followed behind a pair of Blue Birds as they preceded us down the trail. The cranes were out in full force and I still have to stop whatever I am doing and admire them when I see them, for whatever reason I find them to be one of the most magnificent of birds. It was hard to call it a day and head home but alas Chris had to head back to Madison vowing to return another day.
Tripod Rebuild

Chris adding the last stone

Chris' build

My Build

Collaborative Build

Working on Dangler

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