Sunday, April 22, 2012

17th Annual Earth Day Litter Pickup and Paper-making Extravaganza

Half the Crew
Day 12 (4/21/12)
It is time again for the Celebration of Earth Day and the “17th Annual Litter Pickup and Papermaking Extravaganza”. This year we decided to go all out. After a couple of years of bad weather this year was perfect. I had invited an old artist friend from our days in Minnesota to come and help out. With luck on our side Chris was able to get away and come and join us. It was also the first year that we were able to try out the new patio area behind the art room. I now had access to everything that was needed to make paper in one location. We started picking up liter at 10:00am and worked until noon. Because the weather has been so nice we didn’t get as much trash as other years but what we found was good. After a pizza lunch, it was time to start making paper. It was one of the best we had ever had; the students stayed on task and more importantly really seemed to have fun. We had two projects going at once. Some students were busy couching out paper that we had put wildflower seeds into. I had heard the idea somewhere and thought it would be fun to try. In theory after it is dry you can lay the paper on soil, water and eventually the flowers will sprout. I guess we will have to see if it works. The other students were busy helping me make a large scale piece which will eventually be hung in the school. We used some of the liter that we found earlier in the large piece. By 3:00pm we had used every screen and piece foam I had and were ready to call it a day. Thanks to some friends and students it was a very successful Earth Day Celebration.

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