Monday, January 23, 2012


Day 1 (1/22/12)
It was the first day that all the stars aligned and Eileen and I were able to get out and try our new snowshoes. In all honesty, we probably wouldn’t have needed snowshoes since the snow was only a couple inches deep but we have been dying to try them, so try them we did. We carried them as far as the park behind or house and then strapped them on. We worked our way across the park to the bike trail. At first the bike trail was really good, when it was lined by trees, but as we got into the open much of the snow had blown off the trail. It was also very windy so after we went about half mile we decided to head on back. After we got back to the park we wandered around the ponds for a while. I think we are going to enjoy them if we ever get any snow. 

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  1. I just got back from Costa Rica. No snow shoes required. It is going to be in the 40s this week here. But at least you got to break in those shoes. And yes, I mentioned my almost famous Unicorn painting in my random 7 facts. Still a proud moment. Thanks! I always wondered if Steve Gunderson got annoyed looking at it though.