Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking Back

Day 14 (12/31/11)
30th Anniversary
It is the last day of the year and time for reflection. I cannot say that I am not happy to see 2011 go. It has definitely been a year of change. The year started out benign enough. I had started running again and things were looking good until Valentine’s Day when Scott Walker pulled the rug out from under all public employees. I had planned a weeklong celebration of our thirtieth wedding anniversary starting on Valentines and running until the twenty-first, our anniversary. I still tried to do a few things but the mood just wasn’t there. We did end up spending the weekend of our anniversary in Madison protesting which at least made it memorable. Every time things looked as if they were getting better they took a turn for the worse. I think the hardest part of the whole ordeal was the loss of respect in the community real or perceived. It was soon apparent that many people believed that we had gotten exactly what we deserved and that we should just accept our fate. I am proud to say that we did not. Instead there was a showing of solidarity that rocked the nation and still continues. I had never been much of a political type person. I had always enjoyed a certain amount of political bantering with the students but suddenly the fun was gone. It had become too real. What had been fun and harmless was now taboo and could even lead to disciplinary action. Soon the state was divided in half and not even the Packers winning the Super bowl could heal it. The year was not a complete loss and I spent a lot of time making paper. As I look forward to 2012 I have decided to not make any resolutions but I would like to spend more time on the bike trail creating again. 
2nd Trip to Madison

Tree Frog

Tree Fog


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  1. I remember making a ceramic vase like your Toad house. (in your class) And hitting the trails is good for mind, body and spirit. That is an easy resolution. And how lucky that you've had a great trail partner for 30 years!