Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost Blogs

Day 9 (11/6/11)
Eileen needed more rocks for some jewelry she was making so we decided to head back to Algoma where we had found the rocks the first time. We thought since we had to drive past our son and daughter-in-laws place we would ask them to go along. We noticed on the way up that the lake was quite rough. Inland it didn’t seem real windy but once you got on the beach you knew why the lake was so rough. We probably would have spent more time on Algoma’s beach had it not been so windy. In spite of the wind we managed to pickup quite a few rocks. We then started working our way down along the lake. We stopped at Kewanee Custard Shoppe for lunch and then continued south until we got to Point Beach State Park. This place definitely deserves a better look during the summer. It has some of the most beautiful dunes and beaches. On a warm day it has to be a great swimming spot. But alas the sun was starting to get low so we had to head home vowing to get back next summer.

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