Sunday, June 26, 2011

Last Plunker Standing

Day 3 (6/22/11)

Last Plunker Standing
As the old saying goes, “A bad day…” is certainly true of the bike trail. We had planned on going out on the trail earlier in the morning but just as we were about to get the bikes out it started raining. We waited for the rain to stop then headed out. As you can imagine it was kind of wet for building but great for riding. Every trip down the trail is a new adventure. This time it came in the form of some Sand Hill Cranes. As we were riding along, a sedge of cranes started making a tumultuous uproar on the other side of the railroad tracks. When we first stopped two flew right over the top of us. One circle around and landed again. In an attempt to get a picture of them I decided to wade across the ditch which turned out to be almost knee deep. By the time I got across the water and up the tracks they had wondered off and I caught just a glimpse of the baby.



Another Rebuild

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