Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 4 (4/28/09)
Today was the first day on the trail since last Friday night. Although the sun was shinning it was quite cold. I didn’t really realize how cold until I turned north onto the trail. It actually worked out to my advantage because I only saw two other people on the trail. This gave me a lot of freedom to build and build I did. I hadn’t really planned on staying out to long but so much for planning. I was pleasantly surprised that others had done some building and even rebuilding of my sculptures for me. Somebody had even rebuilt a tie build which I think is a first. A friend, who had read my blog, e-mailed me about the “Inukshuks”, she had seen while biking through Canada, which are stone piles fashioned to look somewhat human with legs and arms and a head. So Connie, I have included my attempt at building an Inukshuk. It will definitely be something I will play around with in the future. Any one who questions the exercise part of this project should have been along tonight. By the time I was done shouldering around the ties for the first build, in spite of the cold, I was sweating harder I think then I ever have in the weight room, and having a lot more fun.

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