Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 3 (4/25/09)
We were hoping to go out this morning and do some building but when we got up the rain, which was supposed to come later in the day, was already here. Fortunately, we had gone out last evening to try out our freshly serviced bikes. It was great having them back and in great shape. We didn’t get a chance to do any building though, because it was muddy and I had on good shoes. We found many of the builds down but most of the main ones were still standing. We were so excited about going out and building today, maybe tomorrow. I consoled myself by starting a blog site about my misadventures. Unlike most Blogs, which are at least somewhat exciting and about exotic, stimulating places, this one will mostly take place in the twenty plus miles of bike trails that go past our town. Also, much to the dismay of my three English 110 teachers, I was never all that good a writing.
That being said, I am not sure why I am writing these or, for that matter why you are reading it? Perhaps you have tired of reading and writing “what’s on your mind” on Facebook”. At any rate ,enjoy.


  1. It's either read the crap ton of truth papers I got in today or read your blog. I guess this was the lesser of two evils.

  2. Our first day out riding to Belgium and halfway to Cedar Grove - didn't see any cairns - are they down or covered by grass? We like them and missed them.