Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fischer Creek Stackers

Waves crashing over Cairns
Day 16 (8/30/2015)

Eileen was starting to run low on rocks to drill. It’s not that she doesn’t have rocks; it is just that she lacked the kind of rocks that have that special zing. We decided to set off for one of our favorite picking and stacking beaches, Fischer Creek. We had an “Art Closing” up in the area anyway so after enjoying the company of some artist friends for a couple of hours we headed for the beach. It was perfect day. There was a bit of fog hanging over the lake which only added to the ethereal quality. We worked our way down the beach picking and stacking as we went. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves. The parking lot was full so I am not sure where all the people were but they weren’t on our stretch of beach. At first we were trying to build to close to the water and as soon as we would get a nice one standing a wave would come along and knock it over. Eventually we were able to get the right combination of close to the water for good photographing and far enough from the waves for safe stacking. After a couple of hours we called it quits and headed for home excited about what the coming autumn beach combing would bring.
Path to the Beach


A couple of Eileen's

Another Eileen

Even More Eileen

And Another

One of mine

Another one of mine

Looking up the beach

My last one

The fruits of our labor after Eileen is done

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