Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tale of two Culverts

Day 2 (2/16/14)
Untouched snow

I was just looking back at my blog and saw that on this weekend in 2012 we were out on the bike trail doing our first builds of the year and there was no snow. What a change this year. On our way out to the trail we were asked by a passerby if we thought there was going to be enough snow to use snowshoes. I told him that I guessed we would find out. It was perfect. The new snow had covered most traces of our previous treks. I wanted to check out some new areas that we had found last weekend and ran out of time to explore. We were not disappointed. We were surprised to see our first robin of the spring although we suspect that it may have wintered here. We also saw some cedar wax wings eating the frozen berries along the trail. Soon after this we left the trail and headed for unexplored areas. It was a little cold and windy out in the open so we skirted the woods as much as possible. Once we got warmed up it really didn’t matter. We continued down until we came to the creek that we had visited last weekend. We then started following the creek back towards the trail. There were areas that we were really glad we had snowshoes. The snow was several feet deep in some places. We crisscrossed back and forth across the creek and explored all the hills and hollows along the way. Eventually we made it back to the culverts under the trail and tracks. We spent a little time checking out these passages and the other side. While we were there a cross country skier went by above us. I am surprised there are not more skiers making use of these trails. My wife and I used to ski them until we got our snowshoes and were thinking that we should try to get out yet this winter. Since getting the snowshoes however they seem to be easier to carry to the trail and we don’t like to drive if we can help it. There is a part of me that is ready for spring but I would like to have a least one more weekend to do a little more exploring.
Eileen just starting out

First robin of the year

Beautiful Day

The Culverts

You are getting sleepy

Very cool Ice

More Cool Ice

Come on Trust me

Culverts old and new

The essential feet picture

Tale of two Culverts
Now where

King of the Culvert

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