Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fischer Creek Rocks

Day 3 (9/22/13)
My one Cairn of the Day
Fischer Creek has become one of our favorite go to places for rock picking. It is a fun place to spend an afternoon and has a vast selection of small flat stones that are perfect for Eileen’s jewelry. The weather was beautiful and although down by the water it had the chill of early fall it was a perfect day for walking and picking up stones. We had the beach mostly to ourselves as we walked south along the shore. Fischer Creek is not ideal for building cairns because most of the stones are small but I managed to build one. We walked down the beach further than we ever had before until we ran into private property signs and decided to turn around. We spent a little time walking some of the trails around the park and started to see more people but not many. When all was said and done we came home with several bags of rocks.
Lake Michigan

South Shore

North Shore

Pig weed

Beach art by others

Fischer Creek


Build Baby Build


  1. I just wore my necklace last week. The first photo is striking.

  2. What sort of jewelry does your wife make? Wire wrapping by any chance?