Saturday, June 16, 2012

What to do? What to do?


Day 15 (6/15/12)
What to do? What to do? We are getting our house reroofed. Now anybody that knows me knows that I don’t often call in outside help but unfortunately I can’t shingle it by myself and I really didn’t have anybody I felt comfortable asking to help me. I am finding it very stressful to just sit back and watch somebody else work. What makes things worse is that I feel like I am just getting in the way if I do try to help. So Eileen and I decided to finish a rock garden that we had started last fall. She had the day off and we had planned on going camping but because of the roofers we felt we should at least be accessible. I took her to two of my favorite rock foraging spots. How lucky could a girl get? However by noon we were done and looking for another diversion. We decided on taking a trip up the bike trail. It had been nearly a month since our last trip on the trail with Chris. I feel guilty about not getting out more but with the end of the school and getting ready for two art shows I have had to devote my spare time elsewhere. We knew that since it was the middle of the day we would not get any building done but at least we would get a ride and check out what remained of our last adventure. Surprisingly, much of what we had built was still up and in many cases seemed hardly changed at all. I have to suspect that we have had some help with maintenance since even the cairns were standing on many. Since I have been doing this for five years now it is fun to see how the bike trail keeps changing. When we first started the trail had just been built and now it has had time to naturalize. It makes it harder to find building material but makes for a more scenic ride. Well, it’s time to check on the roof so we reluctantly head home hoping they are finished but knowing that they have at least one more day to go.
"Down by the corner"

"Down by the Corner"

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  1. You were building and they were on a building. It was as close as you could get.