Sunday, July 31, 2011


Day 6 (7/31/11)
Lately I have been fascinated with what an artist friend of mine called “under the bridge” subject matter. I have always sort of liked that idea of found objects which are sort of half hidden and usually not of the most esthetic character. So today I set out to make a couple of these pieces. I had been molding some add ins over last couple of weeks in preparation. Sometimes I do add in none paper objects but for these I wanted to keep it pure paper. I started with laying down a foundation by pouring raw pulp on to the screen. My pulp consists of old papers, in this case old Spanish test and worksheets blended with some kind of a binder. My preferred binder is wall paper paste but today I was using acrylic medium. After I poured the base I set in some molded pieces from a plastic container that had these really nice octagon shapes that reminded me of a honeycomb. Next I interlaced cords over the paper that would be pulled up later. After having all the cords strategically placed I started to pour on another layer of paper. Finally after about an hour of drying time I pulled up the cords exposing the layers below. This is my favorite part of my art. I love the fact that it is done outside and that much of the process is barely within my control. I often have little idea what I will encounter doing the piece and am usually quite inspired from beginning to end.
Grinding the Pulp
Adding Cords


Removing Cords

Finished Skin

Visiting Hummingbird Moth

video video video

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