Thursday, August 13, 2009

All is not Lost

Day 24 (8/11/09)
I went out on the bike trail for the first time today since the railroad went through and grabbed all the ties. I had heard that when they took the ties they had taken all my sculptures so it was with a bit of apprehension that I preceded down the trail. Not all was lost. Out of all the tie builds “dangler” was the only one that escaped destruction. “Boat works” was probably the hardest to take because it was all gone and was one of my favorites (Viking heritage and all). My first tie build “Tripod” was also gone and even though I scoured the area Teiva’s pot was missing. I did find some materials to start rebuilding so I started a new “tripod build”. I hope the railroad is totally done now. I have no ill will towards the railroad workers. They were only doing their job, unlike the people who have knocked them down in the past just for fun. A smarter man would probably call it quits at this point but I was surprised to find that I was actually filled with new zeal on the way home. It is like starting with a new clean slate, the canvas has been wiped clean. I had been getting into a rut anyway. Unfortunately most of the remaining materials are small so I may have to adapt my building style.


  1. Hey Don! I'm going to be around all week this week. Let me know if there is a day where you'd like to go out and build. hope to hear back from you soon!


  2. Is that "building" a religious thing? I'm just kidding, I read that post.